Which marquee is best for your Suffolk wedding?

Which marquee is best for your Suffolk wedding?

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There’s no doubt that planning your big day can be a challenge – there’s so much more involved than people realise. With this in mind we’ve written our guide to choosing the right marquee for your wedding.

As the premier luxury marquee hire company in Suffolk and surrounding areas so we have plenty of experience helping customers determine which marquee is going to work best for their event, whether it’s a wedding, Christmas party or summer birthday bash. If you’re still not sure which marquee you need by the end of this article, give our lovely Michelle a call on 01473 603310 and she can help.

Stretch tent or marquee?

If you’re going for a classic, elegant feel to your wedding then a traditional marquee can look fantastic. Roomy, with a grand ceiling and spacious feel, traditional marquees offer a large open space which is ideal for a sit down meal as well as a big party. The traditional marquee offers plenty of space for a dance floor and band as well as tables and chairs.

Alternatively, our ClearSpan marquees are incredibly flexible, and can be adjusted for different size events. Sides can be swapped out for windows and doors to give you a truly individual venue for your wedding day. ClearSpan marquees are ideal for both classic and contemporary events.

Our new stretch tents have come all the way from South Africa from Europe’s premier stretch tent producer. Our stretch tents are open plan and open sided and are a great option for a contemporary wedding during the warmer months. Our stretch tents are also waterproof just incase it decides to rain (let’s face it, there’s always a chance!).

Summer or winter wedding?

Summer gives you the most options when it comes to hiring a marquee. When it’s warm outside, any style of marquee would be appropriate. Our new stretch tents are particularly great because they are open at the side and allow a breeze on hot summer days. As summer is prime wedding season, marquee hire companies tend to be booked out quite far in advance so make sure you get in touch with us or your selected marquee hire company as soon as you can to secure your desired marquee.

Planning a winter wedding? Don’t rule out a marquee just yet. Whilst stretch tents are not suitable due to the open sides, ClearSpan and traditional marquees come with a range of heating options and can be just as cosy as any other venue. We’ll also line your tent with beautiful lining to give a finished, cosier feel.

Wedding venues in Suffolk

If you’re planning to have a marquee erected at an existing wedding venue then you’ll need to make sure your events coordinator is happy before going ahead with booking your marquee.

If your wedding is in your own garden, you’ll need to have a think about if you’d like the marquee connected to the house, or if you’d like it as an entirely separate space. You’ll also need to consider what facilities you have available – if you’re having a large event you might want to consider portable toilet hire. We can recommend a trusted toilet hire company in Suffolk who we work with on a regular basis.

What size wedding marquee?

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a huge, elaborate wedding, marquees are a great way of housing different numbers of guests, whether you’re planning a sit down meal or a party with dance floor. Marquees are a great way to allow for more guests than your average venue offers.

We can erect marquees as a standalone or as an addition to your venue to allow for more guests or to provide an alternate setting for part of the big day. We can even combine multiple marquees to provide a segregated spaces.

We can recommend some fantastic wedding venues in Suffolk that are happy for marquees to be installed on site. These include Ashlar House in Bury St Edmunds which is great for large weddings and parties, and the new Tudor Barn at Belstead for a more intimate venue.

So, which marquee do you need for your wedding day?

Which marquee you need for your wedding is dependent on many factors. If you’re still unsure after reading our guide above, you can call our lovely Michelle who will be able to help you decide which marquee would be the best choice for your wedding.

Want to rent a marquee in Ipswich, Suffolk or surrounding areas? Make an appointment to visit our showroom at a time to suit you. Call Michelle now on 01473 603310.


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